# Links and References

# GitHub

Most CaSS-related tools will be found on our organization's GitHub (opens new window).

CaSS itself can be located in this GitHub Repo (opens new window).

# CaSS Installation Bash Script

An installation script for Linux systems can be found here (opens new window). Check out the Installation guide for more help.

# CaSS Project Website

The primary CaSS website may be found at:

cassproject.org (opens new window)

# CaSS Library API

The CaSS Library API allows you to work with data within a CaSS instance. It's highly recommended to use Node.js along with our NPM package.

# CaSS Schema

A 'schema' describes the organization/structure of a set of data.

The schema for CaSS objects is documented here (opens new window), listing the data associated with each CaSS object. CaSS is built upon the pre-existing work done at Schema.org (opens new window)

# Sandbox

The sandbox is a public site hosting a CaSS instance where you may try CaSS without setting up a CaSS instance yourself, along with a CaSS Editor for easy viewing and editting. There are two sandboxes:

# Other Learning Resources

The following links are helpful resources for already-existing tools that CaSS utilizes, written by others:

# Contact Us

Request access to the CaSS Slack Channel (opens new window) to join the conversation.

You may also email us.