# HTTP(s), Protocols

It is recommended that CASS repositories serve resources in a secure fashion using SSL certificates.

# Default Installation Configuration

CASS has the following endpoints exposed by default:

Port Service Notes
80 Apache2/HTTPD/... Uses proxy_http to send requests to TomCat @port 8080
8080 Apache Tomcat Runs the CaSS Repo
9200 ElasticSearch Only responds to localhost


The default installation method of CASS is compatible with LetsEncrypt (opens new window), a project to provide SSL certificates to anyone. It is recommended to create a cron job to renew your LetsEncrypt certificate.

Other certificate providers are also supported. Configuration of the server should be done according to the certificate provider instructions.


Use the --apache option to ensure the configuration of apache instead of other HTTP servers

# WebSockets

CASS allows for websocket connections. When connected, CASS will echo the identifier for any object that has been updated to all connected websockets.

This allows for

  • Smarter applications that can update themselves when new data has been saved to the repository
  • Software that monitors CASS and performs some operation when data is updated, such as search aggregators